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Those who strive to increase in God's love choose to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  The third divine person of the Holy Trinity reflects the infinite love of the Father for the Son and the Son for the Father.  It was by the desire and prayers of Mary, the Holy Spirit enlightened the minds of the first apostles at Pentecost.  Strengthened in the convictions of their mission they journeyed out to tell others the "Good News" of salvation. 

Saints enjoy the eternal presence and love of God in heaven, who for his loving reasons, allows His Church to hold up particular persons as examples of cooperation with His love.  These, and all the other holy men and women who have lived from all time become a, "cloud of witnesses," who intercede to God on our behalf.

Because Mary holds the highest honored position among those in God's favor by her position as the Mother of God, she is the closest to God among his friends.  She can truly be said to be, "Our tainted nature's solitary boast."

You, O Lady, are more exalted than the patriarchs, greater than the martyrs, more glorious than the confessors, purer than the virgins, and, therefore, you alone and without them, can accomplish what they can do only jointly with you. (1)  St. Anselm of Canterbury

A true devotee of Mary will not only be saved, but also, through Mary's intercession, will become a great saint and will increase in holiness every day. (2)  St. Vincent Pillotti

We truly confess that Mary is the queen of heaven, because she brought forth the king of angels.
St. Augustine of Hippo

She seeks for those who approach her devoutly and with reverence, for such she loves, nourishes, and adopts as her children. (4)  St. Bonaventure

Whenever the most sacred virgin goes to God to intercede for us, she, as queen, commands all the angels and saints to accompany her, and unite their prayers to hers. (5)  St. Bonaventure

You are the staircase by which God descended to us and with which we must ascend again to him. 
  (6)  St. Bonaventure

It is one of the signs of those who are to be saved to have a real devotion to Mary. (7)  St. John of Avila

The greatest glory of the blessed in heaven is, after seeing God, being in the presence of this most beautiful queen.  8)  St.  Peter Damian 

It is a great thing in any saint to give grace sufficient for the salvation of many souls; but to have (as Mary had) enough to suffice for the salvation of everybody in the world, is the greatest of all. (9)  St. Thomas Aquinas

To desire grace without recourse to the Virgin Mother is to desire to fly without wings.  (10) St. Pius XII, pope

Jesus honored her before all ages, and will honor her for all ages.  No one comes to Him, nor even near Him, no one is saved or sanctified, if he too will not honor her.  This is the lot of Angels and of men. 
  (11)  St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe

Mary has the authority over the angels and the blessed in heaven.  As a reward for her great humility, God gave her the power and mission of assigning to saints the thrones made vacant by the apostate angels who fell away through pride.  Such is the will of the almighty God who exalts the humble, that the powers of heaven, earth and hell, willingly or unwillingly, must obey the commands of the humble Virgin Mary.  For God has made her queen of heaven and earth, leader of his armies, keeper of his treasure, dispenser of his graces, Mediatrix on behalf of men, destroyer of his enemies, and faithful associate in his great works and triumphs.  (12)  St. Louis Marie de Montfort

Hail, then, O hope of my soul!  Hail, O certain salvation of Christians; hail, O helper of sinners; hail, fortress of the faithful and salvation of the world! (13)  St. Ephrem

O Lady, cease not to watch over us; preserve and guard us under the wings of your compassion and mercy, for, after God, we have no hope but in you. (14)  St. Ephrem

Everyone of the multitudes, therefore, whom the evil of calamitous circumstances has stolen away from Catholic unity, must be born again to Christ by that same Mother whom God has endowed with a never-failing fertility to bring forth a holy people. (15)  Leo XIII, pope

O Virgin fair as the moon, the delight of heaven, on whose countenance the blessed gaze and the Angels see themselves reflected, make us, your children, like you, and let our souls receive a ray of your beauty, which does not fade with the years but shines forth to eternity. (16)  Pius XII, pope

That most glorious Virgin who, exalted above the choirs of Angels and the countless legions of the Saints, never ceases in heaven to make most efficacious intercession with her Son for all the faithful on earth. (17)  Pius IX, pope

She has been appointed the Mediatrix of all the graces which look toward sanctification. (18)  Pius XII, pope

Among the saints of heaven, the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, is the recipient of a more exalted worship.  Because of the office she received from God, her life is closely linked with Christ's mysteries. (19)  Pius XII, pope

Most holy Virgin, give us affection for prayer and retirement, that, detaching ourselves from the love of creatures, we may aspire only after God and heaven, where we hope one day to see you, to praise you, and to love you, together with Jesus, your Son, for ever and ever. (20)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

The divine Mother only left her house to go the temple, and then her demeanor was all composed, and she kept her eyes modestly cast down. (21)  St. Vincent Ferrer

There was never a soul on earth that practiced in so perfect a manner as the Blessed Virgin the great lesson taught by our Savior, that we ought always to pray, and not to faint. (22)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

After Jesus Christ, the divine Mother was the most perfect in prayer of all who ever have been, or ever will be.
(23)  St. Albert the Great.

What difficulty can there be in saying that God, in order to honor his Mother, and having made her Queen of saints, and willing that all graces shall be dispensed by her hands, should also will that the saints should address themselves to her to obtain favors for their clients? (24)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

The saints are the rich of that great people of God, who, when they wish to obtain a favor from God for their clients, recommend themselves to Mary, and she immediately obtains it. (25)  St. Alphonsus de Liguori

Whenever the most sacred Virgin goes to God to intercede for us, she, as Queen, commands all the angels and saints to accompany her, and unite their prayers to hers. (26)  St. Bonaventure

O sovereign Lady of all things, Saint of saints, our strength and refuge, God, as it were, of the world, glory of heaven, accepts those who love you; hear us, for your Son honors you and denies you nothing. (27)  St. Bernard

You alone possess all the perfections and all the merits of all the saints united. (28)  St. Bernard

Mary has caused as many lights to shine eternally in heaven as she has clients.  There are many saints in heaven through her intercession, who would never have been there but through her. (29)  Cardinal Hugo

To serve Mary and be her courtier is the greatest honor we can possibly possess; for to serve the Queen of heaven is already to reign there, and live under her commands is more than to govern. (30)  St. John Damascene

There is not one among all the saints who can ever feel for us in our miseries, both corporal and spiritual, like this woman, the most Blessed Virgin Mary. (31)  St. Antoninus

Mary will never cease until the end of the world relieving the miseries of men, and praying for sinners, that they may be delivered from eternal misery, and be saved. (32)  Cardinal Hugo

It is certain that Mary's good works incomparably surpassed in merit those of all the saints, and therefore her reward must have surpassed theirs in the same proportion. (33)  St. Ildephonsus

The lives of the saints witnessed to what they lived, with their hearts continually directed to God.  Earthly realities are lived properly because the eternal truth of divine love illuminates them. (34)  Benedict XVI, pope

It is because she is Mother of the Church that the Virgin is also the Mother of each one of us, members of the Mystical Body of Christ.  From the Cross, Jesus entrusted his Mother to all his disciples and at the same time entrusted all his disciples to the love of his Mother.
(35)  Benedict XVI, pope

The Virgin Mary is resplendent at the center of the Assembly of Saints.  By putting our hand in hers, we feel encouraged to walk more enthusiastically on the path of holiness. (36)  Benedict XVI, pope

She herself can form in her own image those who belong to her. (37)  St. Edith Stein

To serve the Queen of Heaven is already to reign there, and to live under her commands is more than to govern. (38)  St. John Vianney

You see how simply it was done?  - Ecce ancilla! . . . ,  "Behold the handmaid . . . - And the Word was made flesh. - That's how the saints worked: without spectacle.  If there was any, it was in spite of them. (39)  St. Josemaria Escriva

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