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Mary Introduction
Mary's Litany

O Mary, to be devoted to you is a weapon of salvation which God gave to those whom he positively wants to save.    (1)  St. John Damascene

While I keep my hope in you unconquerable O Mother of God, I shall be safe.  I will fight and overcome my enemies with no other buckler than your protection and your all-powerful aid. (2)  St. John Damascene

According to the common teaching of the Doctors, it was God's design that the Blessed Virgin Mary, apparently absent from the public life of Jesus, should assist him when he was dying nailed to the Cross.  Mary suffered and, as it were, nearly died with her sufferings Son; for the salvation of mankind she renounced her mother's rights and, as far as it depended on her, offered her Son to placate divine justice; so we may well say that she with Christ redeemed mankind. (3)  Benedict XVI, pope

Mary, Mother of Trust!  This most pacifying title corresponds to the invitation, repeated in the Gospel and addressed to the Virgin by the Angel and then so many other times by Jesus to his disciples: "Do not be afraid.  Look at your Mother and do not fear."
(4)  Benedict XVI, pope